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A refreshingly sparkling soft drink from the home of tropical forests, sandy beaches and a bustling metropolis...
Zesty with a twist
Warm and Distinct
Vibrant and unique
Tangy but different

Creative cocktails with Chill

Hang Loose

Taste tantalising tropical fruits infused with a splash of Lemon Lime and Bitters and let it all Hang Loose. Let each sip transport you further into a dreamy oasis, where palm trees sway in sync with your chilled-out vibes.

Lemon Ginger Highball

Introducing a fiery fusion of citrus and ginger that will lift any occasion, the Lemon Ginger Highball. Go on a journey of zing and zest and add a refreshing twist to every sipping experience with friends.

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The joy of our Caribbean roots

The place we call home, Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most beautiful, endlessly diverse and exciting parts of the world, and what inspired the fresh and fizzy flavour of Angostura Chill. Learn more about how we created that dash of something special.