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Browse questions and answers about Angostura Chill including nutritional information, allergens, where to buy and how to contact us.

Nutritional information

A serving of Chill comes in different sizes: 237mL, 250mL, 275mL, 330mL, 355mL, or 375mL.

Here's the calorie breakdown per serving: 237mL – 100 calories 250mL – 110 calories 275mL – 120 calories 330mL – 140 calories 355mL – 160 calories 375mL – 160 calories

Yes, Chill is suitable for children. The nutritional values provided include all relevant information about bitters, etc.

The sugar content on the nutritional panel can guide diabetics. Please note that our products are not sugar-free.

Angostura Chill is certified by the Orthodox Union and is suitable for kosher diets. However, it may not be suitable for halal diets.

Yes, Chill is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

You can find the calorie panels with detailed nutritional information on labels.

Chill is sweetened with pure cane sugar.

No, Chill does not contain caffeine.

Sustainability information

For Australian markets, our packaging consists of the following: - Aluminium cans which are fully recyclable and compliant with Container Deposit Schemes (CDS) in Australia. - Paperboard wraps which are sustainably sourced and recyclable. - Cardboard outer which is fully recycled through consumer waste recovery schemes. For CARICOM markets, our packaging includes: - Aluminium cans which are fully recyclable. - Glass bottles which are fully recyclable. Carib Glass ensures that 70% of the glass used is recycled. - PET which is fully recyclable.

Information for businesses

Angostura Chill has a shelf life of 9 months for cans and glass bottles, and 6 months for plastic bottles. This applies when you store it at room temperature (approximately 27 degrees Celsius) away from direct sunlight.

Angostura Chill is typically available at most major supermarkets and retailers in territories where it is sold, which you can find on our Distributors page.

To enquire about selling or distributing Angostura Chill, please contact us through the contact form or use the email address on the ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters website.

If you are already selling or distributing Angostura Chill and need support, please use the contact form or use the email on the ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters website.

A refreshingly sparkling alcohol-free drink