Our Story

Welcome to the vibrant world of Angostura, where our mission is to create joyous moments that bring people from all cultures and backgrounds together.

We've got a passion for flavour

Our story began in 1824 with the creation of the first bitters in Angostura. With Angostura Chill, we want to make people happy by mixing vibrant fruit flavours with a dash of our heritage product - ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters.


Our zest for life is deeply rooted in Angostura's rich history

We're not just glass-half-full enthusiasts; we're the kind of people who radiate optimism, filling every corner with exuberance and dancing to the rhythm of Trinidadian steel drums. The vibrant tapestry of our culture and the awe-inspiring environment that surrounds us has a contagious spirit, and we want to share it with the world through our latest creation - Angostura Chill.

Our Caribbean roots

In the heart of the Caribbean, our parent company House of Angostura shines brightly as the leading producer of a delightful and ever-evolving range of rums and bitters.

Our founder, Dr Johann Siegert

In 1824, Dr Johann Siegert crafted the very first bitters in the charming Venezuelan town of Angostura. His sons then journeyed to the enchanting lands of Trinidad and Tobago, carrying with them the treasured secret recipe of Angostura, which would later launch our legendary brand to the corners of the globe.

Blending our iconic heritage with a modern twist

The ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters recipe has remained unchanged since its inception, but in 2021 we embraced change to introduce four exhilarating and thirst-quenching flavours mixed with our classic bitters - Angostura Chill. This new journey represents the joy of new experiences and brings a burst of happiness with every sip.

Step into a world of Chill

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